About Measure X

On July 12, 2016 the Board of Trustees of the San José · Evergreen Community College District voted unanimously to place Measure X on the November 8, 2016 ballot.

Measure X is a general obligation facilities bond measure in the amount of $748,000,000. With all expenses reviewed by a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee, funds from Measure X will be used to repair and upgrade San José City College and Evergreen Valley College campuses and classrooms, including:

  • Updating labs for nursing, science, technology and engineering
  • Expanding educational resources for veterans
  • Improving campus safety and security, and
  • Removing asbestos and lead paint, among other priorities.

Measure X passed with a 64.82% approval by the voters of greater San José and Milpitas. A Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee has been selected and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Measure X will cost approximately $18.95 per $100,000 of assessed household valuation per year. Assessed value is not reflective of market value.  All funds are required to be spent on projects that benefit the San José · Evergreen Community College District and its colleges, and cannot be spent on administrator salaries.

Measure X will help SJECCD meet the facilities, safety, technology, programs and services needs for student success as identified in the Evergreen Valley College and San José City College Education Master Plans 2030, and in the Evergreen Valley College and San José City College Facilities Master Plans 2030.

Please also see the following documents for more information: