San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
2020-2021 Annual Report
Measure G-10 Project List
As of June 30, 2021
Project NameBudgetExpended
Group II Equipment$6,400,359$5,283,550
Campus Lighting Upgrades$57,335$18,700
Child Development Center- Phase I $4,201,147$51,468
Student Center Improvements$3,361,910$139,668
Jaguar Multicultural Center$16,584,730$117,546
SJCC CEQA Compliance Consulting Services$457,543$375,972
Central Plant Boilers $1,000,000$0
SJCC Vehicles $102,670$28,657
Small Capital Repairs - Facilities Upgrades - SJCC$5,468,543$0
IT Infrastructure Improvements $5,727,356$4,185,463
Technology Upgrades$5,367,938$4,433,236
IT and Tech Equipment - SJCC$5,468,543$0
Career Education Complex$188,482,987$8,180,036
ADA Improvements$501,749$14,368
Stadium Renovation$7,950,423$404,540
Central Plant Rehabilitation$20,027,403$640,500
SJCC Elevator Modernization$3,623,111$123,765
Access Control, Intrusion Alarms, and Monitoring Systems$6,044,214$753,941
New Maintenance and Operations Building and Emergency Operations Center$22,204,311$11,633,777
Theater Improvements$9,130,126$4,261,074
Science Building Mechanical Upgrade$2,251,235$817,728
Entrance Door Replacement$457,496$338,125
Student Services Resource and Drop-in Center$1,556,432$1,008,189
Small Capital Repairs$7,953,949$5,908,665
Demolition and Site Preparations for New CTE$3,113,894$2,491,002
New Swing Space Project$2,070,361$1,339,029
Storm Water Management Remediation$958,542$946,257
Library Interior Upgrades$1,235,112$1,199,848
Campus-wide Painting- SJCC$1,556,375$1,556,334
Telecomm/Utility Master Plan$411,455$275,409
Softball Field Renovation$1,139,809$1,055,853
Campus HVAC Phase II$137,934$122,844
San Jose Evergreen Community College Extension - Irrigation$1,034,196$1,029,501
Restroom Fixtures & Plumbing Upgrades$4,484,988$3,542,100
AV Improvements Phase II$270,970$211,806
Career Technical Education (CTE): Renovation of 100/200 buildings$11,666,035$11,666,035
Repurpose Boiler Plant$589,305$589,305
Utility Extensions and Emergency Generator$5,718,806$5,718,806
Campus Site Improvements$1,137,429$1,137,429
Photo Lab Relocation$750,984$750,984
New Gym Sitework and Auxiliary Buildings$14,198,448$14,198,448
Iron Workers Training Center$1,540,891$1,540,891
GE HVAC Upgrade and Campus HVAC Controls Extension$936,952$936,952
Parking Lot and Walkway Improvements$640,874$640,874
San Jose-Evergreen Community College Extension$1,557,757$1,557,757
Admissions and Records$54,115$54,115
Site Utility and Topography$268,930$268,930
Campus Water System mapping and consolidation$396,145$396,145
Physical Security$646,381$646,381
Parking Lot and Street Repairs - Phase II$1,077,716$1,077,716
Parking Lot and Street Repairs$260,221$260,221
Access Control$922,128$922,128
Relocate Adaptive PE$510,299$510,299
Roofing Repairs$908,700$908,700
Utilities PH III$312,268$312,268
Wayfinding, Signage and Site Fencing$2,038,064$2,038,064
ADA Transition Plan: Accessibility Survey & Improvements$1,526$1,526
Audio Visual Systems Improvements$445,515$445,515
Building Interior Finishes$299,420$299,420
Campus HVAC Equipment & Controls$990,195$990,195
CTE Improvements$68,911$68,911
GE Building Interior Finishes$1,811,737$1,811,737
Physical Security PH II$2,931,081$2,931,081
Interior Finishes Upgrades$103,441$103,441
(Consolidated) 100-200-Boiler Plant Demo and New Parking Lot$0$0
(Consolidated) Exterior Lighting Phase II$0$0
(Consolidated) Vocational Technology Bldg$0$0
(Consolidated) Landscaping$0$0
(Consolidated) Irrigation$0$0
(Consolidated) Hardscape$0$0
(Consolidated) Wayfinding$0$0
(Consolidated) Energy Efficiency- Photovoltaic$0$0
(Consolidated) Campus Generator Project$0$0
(Consolidated) Site Fencing & Marquee Signage$0$0
(Cancelled) Renovate Building K$0$0
(Cancelled) Renovate- General Education Building$0$0
(Deferred) Vehicular Circulation Entrances$29,227$29,227
(Deferred) Theater Demo and New Parking Lot$0$0
(Deferred) Kingman Intersection Off-Site and On-Site Improvements$0$0
(Deferred) Exterior Lighting Upgrades & Repairs$0$0
Campus Contingency - San Jose City$21,434,046$0
SJCC - Future Projects$8,956,241$0
Total San Jose City College:$411,954,260 $115,333,760
Project NameBudgetExpended
EVC Vehicles$200,572$200,572
ADA Improvements$218,156$19,466
Admissions and Records Remodel to Emergency Ops. Center $3,750,003 $75
EVC CEQA Compliance Consulting Services$392,282$292,477
Campus-wide Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment $300,000$0
Small Capital Repairs - Facilities Upgrades - EVC$5,468,541$0
Group II Equipment$1,664,852$1,454,902
IT Infrastructure Improvements$10,991,995$8,241,966
Technology Upgrades$2,354,295$2,206,027
IT and Tech Equipment - EVC$5,468,541$0
Student Services Center$88,218,683$4,677,795
Language Arts Building$45,047,927$3,498,178
Sequoia Upgrades / Nursing Addition$31,221,509$794,182
General Education Building $43,061,224$1,913,387
Student Activities Center$26,100,001$159,343
Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences Canopy $790,047$9,865
Entry Road and New Parking Lot 4/5$11,668,000$619,883
Physical Education and Sports Complex $6,957,509$4,676,212
Cedro Renovation and West Campus ADA Upgrades$10,317,762$8,381,689
Campus Way Finding / Ground Lighting $3,338,094$1,543,974
North Fire Lane / ADA$8,141,882$3,077,554
Campus-wide Building Signage $725,838$567,313
Small Capital Repairs$16,812,081$16,239,772
Physical Education Accessibility Improvements $2,702,331$2,702,331
EVC: Campus Painting Project$4,002,759$3,801,185
MS3 Exterior Stair Lighting $162,556$162,344
Campus Environmental Control$612,864$612,834
Gullo II Multipurpose Remodel $2,478,355$2,365,428
Security Hardware$482,764$468,175
South Campus Development $45,703,845$45,703,845
Admin and Student Services Remodel and Consolidation$153,733$153,733
Roble Demolition - Acacia Alterations $6,699,838$6,699,838
Automotive Technology$17,745,588$17,745,588
Campus Site Improvements $4,201,371$4,201,371
Central Green$3,022,340$3,022,340
Signage and Wayfinding $1,616,483$1,616,483
San Felipe Digital Message Sign$842,465$842,465
Acacia Renovation Phase III $1,324,452$1,324,452
Gullo Student Space Repurpose and Renovation$2,080,270$2,080,270
Montgomery Hall Interior Updating $336,380$336,380
PE ADA Improvements - Pathways / Fieldhouse$2,215,580$2,215,580
Gullo 2nd Floor - Student Services Center Renovation$2,962,161$2,962,161
Central Plant and Police Renovation$15,001,807$15,001,807
Utilities Projects and Upgrades $961,997$961,997
Energy Efficiency - Photovoltaic$10,841,425$10,841,425
Campus Water Service Replacement Project $814,505$814,505
Parking Lot and Street Repairs$1,155,278$1,155,278
Physical Security $637,431$637,431
Parking Lot Remediation- Phase II $3,344,063$3,344,063
Pavement Preservation / Roadway and Curb Marking $60,999$60,999
EVC Utility Updating and Mapping $152,584$152,584
Relocate EVC's Telephone MPOE to Central Utility Building $172,809$172,809
(Consolidated) GED4$0$0
(Consolidated) Hardscape- Circulation and Plazas$0$0
(Consolidated) Landscaping$0$0
(Consolidated) Irrigation$0$0
(Consolidated) West Campus ADA Upgrades$0$0
(Consolidated) Cesar Chavez Grove$0$0
(Consolidated) Exterior Lighting Upgrade Phase II$0$0
(Consolidated) Vehicular Circulation$0$0
(Cancelled) New Campus Police Building$0$0
(Cancelled) Engineering and Applied Technology$74,520$74,520
(Cancelled) Campus-wide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan$0$0
(Deferred) Repurpose Gullo II$0$0
Campus Contingency - Evergreen$14,006,836$0
EVC - Future Projects$0$0
Total Evergreen Valley College: $469,780,184$190,808,852
Project NameBudgetExpended
District Services Furniture & Equipment$989,897$606,345
Vehicle Replacement $1,879,220$1,577,879
District-wide Elevator Assessment$755,032$85,928
Ground Lease Debt Relief (15+ years)$8,200,400$1,285,543
Technology and Security$61,582,074$4,563,401
District Services Printing & Digital Imaging $757,987$574,429
District Services Computer Replacement$494,447$488,176
District Services Network Storage/Servers$750,000$0
District Services Network Monitoring Appliances$50,000$0
District-wide Security - Key System Upgrades $579,300$181,075
Data Center Acquisition & Implementation$1,500,000$507,470
New District Services Building$16,101,868$13,418,737
District Office Elevators Safety and Accessibility Upgrades $1,906,931$1,463,637
District-wide Building Management System$1,122,222$589,316
ADA Transition Plan Assessment$665,042$202,513
Security Systems Assessment & Design Consulting Services$272,852$248,319
Energy Efficiency - Clean Energy $511,340$511,340
Demolition of San Felipe District Office and South Bay Academy$1,846,625$1,846,625
MDF Relocation$1,923,380$1,923,380
Controls Extension Project (Energy Conservation)$318,022$318,022
Police Safety Communication Upgrade $623,139$623,139
Enterprise Resource Planning Conversion$4,800,532$4,800,532
Infrastructure Upgrade $3,819,982$3,819,982
(Consolidated) Group II Equipment - Includes safety and security$0$0
(Cancelled)Telecommunications Consolidation Antennas $0$0
District and District-wide Contingency$9,791,017$0
Management and Related Costs $4,648,528$311,552
Election/Legal/EIR/DO Labor and Related$8,437,573 $1,980,256
Total District/District-wide (campus) Budget:$134,327,409$41,927,595
Unallocated Interest Earnings $1,811,845 $0
Program Contingency$11,600,000 $0
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